Favorite Books

I would love to rate all these books but I loved them all!  I will let you know that some are full  romance suspense (RS), paranormal romance (PR), historical christian (HC), and some are just Rated R sexual romances (RRR).   Enjoy!

Bodie Thoene  http://www.thoenebooks.com  HC
My favorite author, Bodie and Brock Thoene, who brought historical christian moments to life in a creative fictional manner.
  • "The Zion Covenant" series
  • "The Zion Chronicles" series
  • "The Zion Legacy" series
  • "The Shiloh Legacy" series
  • "Shiloh Autumn"
  • "A.D. Chronicles" series
  • "The Gateway Chronicles" series
Tessa Adams http://www.tracywolff.com   Paranormal Romance
>Dragon Heat Series was an awesome series.  The dragon clan was untouchable by disease until now.  They are desperately trying to save their people by seeking help from human scientists.  This is a thrilling adventure of magic and steamy romance.          (Complete Series)
  1. Dark Embers
  2. Hidden Embers
  3. Forbidden Embers
Maya Banks http://mayabanks.com/
If you enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey then you may like the Breathless Trilogy.
The Breathless Trilogy a story of three best friends who became very successful business men and falling in love maybe one things they can not control.  This exotic romance will keep you wanting more.
The Breathless Trilogy     RRR                  (Complete Series)
  1. Rush
  2. Burn
  3. Fever
The KGI Series- is awesome and a paranormal romance!  A family-run business of brothers with military backgrounds create the KGI organization whose mission is to help those in need.  They work for the U.S. government and private sector which leads them into hostage and kidnapping recovery missions.  Each book focuses on a member of the family and dangers of the mission and the temptations of falling in love.
  1. The Darkest Hour
  2. No Place To Run
  3. Hidden Away
  4. Whispers in the Dark
  5. Echoes at Dawn    5.5  Softly At Sunrise (Kindle Only)
  6. Shades of Grey
  7. Forged in Steele
  8. After the Storm
  9. When Day Breaks
  10. Darkest Before Dawn
Pamela Clare  www.pamelaclare.com
The I-Team Series is about the Independent Investigative Newspaper Team in Denver, Colorado.  Each member finds themselves investigating a story that land them in danger but finding romance.  Heroes are discovered and passion flies out of control.  Romance Suspense
  1. Extreme Exposure  (Kara and Senator Sheridan)    1.5  Heaven Can't Wait  (Lissy and Will)
  2. Hard Evidence  (Tessa and Detective Julian Darcangelo)
  3. Unlawful Contact  (Sophie and DEA Marc Hunter)
  4. Naked Edge  (Kat and Forest Ranger Gab Rossiter)
  5. Breaking Point  (Natalie and U.S.Marshal Zach McBride)                                                   
  6. 5.5)  Skin Deep  (Megan Hunter and U.S. Navy Seal Nate West)                                                 
  7. 5.9)  First Strike (Laura- Journalist and Navy Seal Javier Corbray)
  8. 6.)    Striking Distance (Laura and Navy Seal Javier)                     6.5 Soul Deep
  9. 7.)    Seduction Game  (Holly and CIA Agent Nick)                                                                       
  10. 7.5)  Dead by Midnight  (Everyone at Christmas)
Kaylea Cross http://www.kayleacross.com
Suspense Series:  (Romance Suspense) (Box Sets Available)
  1. Out of Her League  (Olympian Christa and ERT Officer Rayne)
  2. Cover of Darkness  (Navy Seal Lt. Declan and Bryn at the U.S. Embassy)
  3. No Turning Back  (CIA Comm. Expert Samarra and Ex-Army Ranger Ben) 
  4. Relentless  (Former Delta Force Operator Rhys and Trauma Surgeon Neveah)
  5. Absolution  (CIA contractor Luke and Ex-wife Emily)
Titanium Security Series:  (Romance Suspense) (Box Set Available)
  1. Ignited  (Hunter and Head of Fair State Foundation Khalia)
  2. Singed  (Gage and NSA Analyst Claire)
  3. Burned  (Sean and Cryptolist Zahra)
  4. Extinguished  (Blake and Former Marine Jordyn)  
  5. Rekindled  (Alex and Doctor Grace)
Looking forward to her Bagram Special Ops Series:  RS
  1. Deadly Descent
  2. Tactical Strike
  3. Lethal Pursuit
  4. Danger Close
  5. Collateral Damage
Looking forward to her Hostage Rescue Team Series:  RS
  1. Marked
  2. Targeted
  3. Hunted
  4. Disavowed
  5. Schroder's Story
  6. Exposed
  7. Avenged
  8. Wanted
  9. Betrayed
Laurann Dohner http://www.lauranndohner.com/  RRR
>"New Species" Series.  A pharmaceutical company was charged doing illegal experiments by splicing human and animal DNA, creating exotic new species.  The government set aside land creating a community for New Species to live.  Each book shares the story of a New Species person, their struggles with freedom and the feelings of falling in love.
  1. Fury
  2. Slade
  3. Vallent
  4. Justice
  5. Brawn
  6. Wrath
  7. Tiger  (My Favorite)
  8. Obsidian
  9. Shadow
  10. Moon
  11. True
  12. Darkness 
  13. Smiley
  14. Numbers
Cyborg Seduction- On my list to read!
  1. Burning Flint
  2. Kissing Steel
  3. Melting Iron
  4. Touching Ice
  5. Stealing Coal
  6. Redeeming Zorus
  7. Taunting Krell
  8. Haunting Blake
Christine Feehan  (Paranormal Romance)
My Favorite Paranormal-Romance author, Christine Feehan www.christinefeehan.com
>Favorite Series is "Ghostwalkers"  a thrilling series grounded in science with heavy paranormal elements and steamy romance.  Scientist Peter Whitney a classified government experiment enhancing psychic abilities in military personal to create an elite squadron.  Something goes wrong and the men are dying and Dr. Whitney is murdered.  Dr. Whitney's brilliant daughter who possesses her own unique abilities is the only one left to save them.
  1. Shadow Game  (Dr. Lily Whitney and Captain Ryland Miller)
  2. Mind Game  (Nicolas Trevane and Dahlia)
  3. Night Game  (Gator Fontenot and Flame)
  4. Conspiracy Game  (Jack Norton and Briony)
  5. Deadly Game  (Ken Norton and Mari) 
  6. Predatory Game  (Jess Calhoun and Saber)
  7. Murder Game  (Kaden Montague and Tansy)
  8. Street Game  (Mack McKinley and Jamie)
  9. Ruthless Game  (Kane Cannon and Rose)
  10. Samurai Game  (Sam Johnson and Azami)
  11. Viper's Game  (Wyatt Fontenot and Pepper)
  12. Spider's Game (Trapp Dawkin and Cayenne)
"Leopard's Series" wild exotic adventures with powerful shape shifters.
  1. The Awakening  (Rachel Lospostos and Rio)
  2. Wild Rain  (Rio and Rachel)
  3. Burning Wild  (Jake Bannaconi and Emma Reyonlds)
  4. Wild Fire  (Conner Vega and Isabeau Chandler)
  5. Savage Nature  (Bayou Tour Guide Sarah Bourdeux and Drake Donovan)
  6. Leopard's Prey  (Bayou Cop Remy Bourdeux and Jazz Singer)
  7. Cat's Lair (Caterina and Eli Perez)
  8. Wild Cat (Siena Arnotto and Elijah Lospostos)
Totally enjoyed this romance series "Sea Haven" seven sisters with special powers containing elements of land, water, and air, a family legacy of magical secrets threaten them, and passion of desire test them.
  Sea Haven Series:   (complete series)                               
  1. Magic in the Wind  (Sarah and Damon)
  2. Twilight Before Christmas  (Kate- Author & U.S. Army Ranger Matt Granite)
  3. Oceans of Fire  (Sea Diver Abigail and Aleksandr Volstov)
  4. Dangerous Tides  (Dr. Libby and Biochemist Ty Derrick)
  5. Safe Harbor  (Super Model Hannah and Deputy Jonas Harrington)
  6. Turbulent Sea  (Singer Joley and Bodyguard Ilya Prakenskii)
  7. Hidden Current  (Telepathic Elle and Sheriff Jackson Deveau)
"Sister of the Heart" are full of magic, passion, and romance.
  1. Water Bound  (Rikki-Sea Urchin Diver and Lev Prakenskii)
  2. Air Bound    (Judith-Artist and Stefan Prakenskii)
  3. Spirit Bound    (Airiana-Genius and Maxim Prakenskii
  4. Earth Bound   (Lexi-Gardener and Gavriil Prakenskii)
  5. Fire Bound  (Lissa and Casmir Prakenskii) (coming soon)
New Series to be watching out for:  (Coming Soon)
Shadow Series:
  1. Shadow Rider

    Lizzy Ford (Paranormal Romance)
    "A vampire, werewolf, and Fae walk into a bar with the "Kingmaster".  The supernatural clan leaders walk out of the bar but my father the Kingmaster does not.
    That is the first line of the book one.  Sound interesting?
    Leslie is the Kingmaster's daughter.  they are to be the peace makers between the human and supernatural world.  Leslie is responsible for 3 things:  between the 3 clan leaders her father has chosen she must 1) declare one the new leader of the supernatural world, 2) Select one to be her mate/husband, and 3) Exile/Kill the one who murdered her father.  She has four weeks to decide or she will die.
    1. Trial by Moon (Leslie spends a week in the Werewolf world)
    2. Trial by Thrall (Leslie spends a week in the Fae world)
    3. Trial by Blood (Leslie spends a week in the Vampire world)
    4. Trial by Heart  ( Leslie discovers her true self and unfolds the family secret.)

    Eliza Gayle  (Paranormal Romance)
    A paranormal shifters romance called the Southern Shifter series: three brothers born Guardian of the Cougar Clan is betrayed by a powerful council member.  Will they discover who is trying to destroy the Gunn Brothers?  Each brother must deal with what fate brings them which is against their clan traditions.  But the passion consumes them and mates are bonded.  Can the Cougar Clan, Wolf Pack, and Psychic world be able to come together and find peace?
    1. Dirty Sexy Furry  (Lucas and Kira-Psychic)
    2. Mate Night  (Kane and Lara-cougar/Witch)
    3. Alpha Knows Best  (Malcolm and Cheyenne-cougar/wolf)
    4. Bad Kitty  (Rafe-Alpha wolf and Katherine-cougar)
    5. Be Were  (Dean and Niki-white wolf)
    6. Shiftin' Dirty  (Gage and Sienna- human/baker)
    7. Never Kiss a Wolf
    8. Bear Naked Truth
    Devil's Point Wolves- On my list to read!
    1. Wild
    2. Wicked
    3. Wanted
    4. Feral
    5. Fierce
    Cindy Gerald  (Romance/Suspense)
    The Garrett family owns and operates a Security Agency (three brothers all former military and one sister former Secret Service).  Everyone has demons to faces, danger lurking in the shadows, and passion waiting to take them over the edge.
    The Bodyguard Series-  (complete series)
    1. To the Edge  (Nolan and Jillian)
    2. To the Limit  (Eve and McClain)
    3. To the Brink  (Ethan and Darcy)
    4. Over the Line  (Jason and Pop-Star Jane)
    5. Under the Wire  (Manny and Lily)
    6. Into the Darkness  (Dallas and Amy)
    Black Ops Series-     (complete series)
    1. Show No Mercy  (Gabe and Journalist Jenna)
    2. Take No Prisoners  (Sam and Abbie)
    3. Whisper no Lies   (Johnny and Casino Security Crystal)       Box Set 1-3
    4. Feel the Heat   (Rafe and DIA B.J./Joe and Cyptanalyst Stephanie)
    5. Risk No Secrets  (Wyatt and School Educator Sophie)
    6. With No Remorse  (Luke and )
    7. Last Man Standing

    Cristin Harber    (Romance/Suspense)
    A Titian Novel-  The past is impossible to ignore when danger and passion collide.  Titian Security is made up of ex-military special ops who provide service when the government needs things done off the record.
    1. Winters Heat  (Colby and Psychologist Mia)
    2. Garrison's Creed  (Cash and Nicola  Former FBI)
    3. Westin's Chase  (Jarred and Lily Chase-Former ATF)
    4. Gambled  (Brock and Sarah Gamble)
    5. Chased  (Jenny Chase and Congressman McIntyre)
    6. Savage Secrets  (Rocco and Caterina Cruz-Interrogation Specialist)
    7. Hart Attack  (Roman and Beth-CIA)
    8. Black Dawn (Parker and 
    9. and more.....
    Spin off Coming Delta Retribution....

    Lynn Raye Harris  http://www.lynnrayeharris.com  (Romance/Suspense)
    A Hostile Operations Team Novel- HOT a military team assigned to take of special missions.  These men are cool under pressure but there is one person that can make them fall apart.  Each book is about one of the team members and how their past come back to haunt them.  Helping a damsel is distress can bring a lot of trouble and desires they must fight.  Will they give into the passion that burns inside them or will they turn their back on love?
    1. Hot Pursuit   (Special Operations Captain Matt and Chef Evie)
    2. Hot Mess  (Special Operations Sam and Dr. Professor Georgie)
    3. Hot Package (Special Operations Billy and Olivia)
    4. Dangerously Hot  (Special Operations Kevin and Army Linguist Lucky)
    5. Hot Shot  (Special Operations Jack and Pop Star Gina)
    6. Hot Rebel  (Special Operations Nick and Victoria)
    7. Hot Ice  (Special Operations Garrett and Grace)
    8. Hot & Bothered (Special Operations Ryan and Emily)
    9. Hot Protector (coming soon)
    Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright,  Para-normal/Romance)
    Bayou Heat Collection (Box Set 1-6)  The Legend of the Pantera, mystical race of puma shifters who live hidden in the Louisiana Swamps.  Whispers of special gifts such as telepathy, witchcraft, and immortality weave throughout the clan.  Myths and history collide, can fate and passion save a dying race of puma's.  (complete series)
    1. Raphael  (Raphael and Ashe)
    2. Parish  (Parish and Dr. Julia)
    3. Bayon  (Bayon and Kiera)
    4. Jean-Baptiste  (Jean-Baptiste and Genevieve)
    5. Talon  (Talon and Isi)
    6. Xavier  (Xavier and Amalie-Puma Huntress)
    7. Sebastian 
    8. Aristide
    Allyson James/Jennifer Ashley (Rated R Romance)
    Tales of Shareem-  Shareem are men who were created through inhuman experiences and made for the purpose of sexually pleasing women.  Shareem's were thought to have no emotions and definitely not able to fall in love.  But then the feminist movement spread throughout the planet and a hatred grew against the Shareem's.  Can they survive the new laws without being terminated and what will happen if they do find true love?
    1. Rees  (Rees and Lady Talan)
    2. Rio  (Rio and Princess Nella)  
    3. Aiden and Ky  ( Adain, Ky, and Lady Brianne)
    4. Calder  (Calder and Medic Katarina)
    5. Braden   (Braden and Librarian Elisa)
    6. Justin  (Justin and Patrol Officer Deanna)
    7. Kieran  (Kieran and Eilte Fighter Felice)
    T.S. Joyce  (Paranormal Shifter\ Romance)

    Bear Valley Shifters Series:
    1.  The Witness and the Bear  (Alpha Benson Riker and Hannah Micheals from Witness Protection)
    2.  Devoted to the Bear
    3.  Return to the Bear  (Brody Bannister (2nd Commander) and Long Claws Joanna Penn)
    4.  Betray the Bear  (Chase Hale and Long Claws Anya Bure)
    5.  Redeem the Bear (Corin Dunbar and Alpha of Long Claws Brookes Butler)
    Extra: Bear Valley Valentine

    Hells Canyon Shifters:
    Cress family owes Cress Lumbar and Remodeling business in Seven Devils Mountians of Hells Canyon in Joseph, Oregon. When tragedy strikes killing Trent Cress, the Andean Bear Shifters are devastated.   Trent's girl friend Reese contacts her Best Friend from High School, Samantha begging her to come home for the funeral.  They soon discover Trent was murdered, secrets are revealed while old friends bring comfort and love.

    1.  Call the Bear  (Bronson Cress and Samantha Young -Reese's H.S. Best Friend)
    2.  Fealty of the Bear  (Muriel Marsden and Lion Alpha Logan O'Conner)
    3.  Avenge the Bear  (Ethan Brenner and Reese Evans)
    4.  Claim the Bear  (Dillon McClain and Lion Shifter Breshia)
    5.  Heart of the Bear  (Jesse Hayes and Raelynn Dormer)

    Saw Bears Series
    The Ashe Crew are hard working Lumberjacks
    1.  Lumberjack Werebear  (Tagan James and Painter Brooke Belle)
    2.  Woodcutter Werebear  (Kellen and Skyler Draker)
    3.  Timberman Werebear  Denison Beck and Danielle Clayton)
    4.  Sawman Werebear  (Brighton Beck and Everly Moore)
    5.  Axman Werebear  (Bruiser Keller and Dragon Shifter Diem Daye)

    Fire Bear Books
    The Beck Crew are the Fire Fighters in
    1.  Bear My Soul  (Cody Keller and Rory Dodson)
    2.  Bear the Burn  (Dade and Vet Technician Quinn Copeland)
    3.  Bear the Heat  (Boone Keller and Journalist Cora Wright)

    Grey Back Bears
    Creed Barnett became Alpha of the Grey Back Grizzly Bears.  He took in a crew of broken bears who consider it a good day if no blood is shed.  Tempers rise, challenges are daily until a group of girls come to town on vacation.  Can anyone tame these broken and out of control bears?
    1.  Grey Back Bears  (Matt and Willa)
    2.  Grey Back Alpha Bear  (Grey Back Grizzly Bear Alpha Creed Barnett and Gia Cronwell)
    3.  Grey Back Ghost Bear  (Long Claw/Grey Back Grizzly Jason and Park Ranger Georgia)
    4.  Grey Back Broken Bear
    5.  Lowlander Silverback
    6.  Last Immortal Dragon
    7.  A Very Beastly Christmas  (Easton

    Amber Kallyn   www.amberkallyn.com  (Para-normal/Romance)
    The Dragos are a loving clan of dragon shifters. These four brothers end up finding their true mate.  As their passion burns out of control and they are forced to fight an evil determined to destroy the Dragos Clan.  Can love conquer all?      (Complete Series)
    1. Burned  (Fire Investigator Calla and Firefighter Scott)
    2. Scorched  (Bounty Hunter Garrett and Anna -Wanted)
    3. Blazed  (Bounty Hunter Tyler and Rock Band Pyro Expert Bree)
    4. Inflamed  (Dragon Shifter Pete and Succubus Isabella)
        1.5 Burned Beneath the Mistletoe  (Calla and Scott)

    A Erotic Fairy Tale of Little Red Riding Hood after the death of her Grandmother.  Meet the man she falls in love with and embraces the new women she becomes because of him.  Red's Wolf Series:
    1. Beginnings
    2. Changes
    Elaine Levine  www.elainelevine.com  RS
    The Red Team- is made up of ex-military soldiers.  Their mission in Afghanistan follows the boys home bringing the past demons up to face and a love they never thought possible.  Drug lord comes to the local motorcycle cult threaten to create a war on the home front of Wyoming.
    1. The Edge of Courage (Rocco and Mandy-Equestrian Trainer)
    2. Shattered Valor  (Ty and Eden-Dog Trainer)
    3. Honor Unraveled  (Kit and Ivy-Chef)    3.5 Kit and Ivy: Wedding Novella
    4. Twisted Mercy  (Max and Hope-sister)   4.5  Wedding Novella  Max and Hope/Ty and Eden
    5. Assassin's Promise  (Greer
    6. War Bringer  (Kelan and Fiona-College Student)
    7. Razed Glory  (Val and 
    8. Lethal Duty  (Angel and 
    9. Deadly Creed  (Owen----Coming 2017
    Men of Defiance Series- On my list to read!
    1. Rachel and the Hired Gun
    2. Audrey and the Maverick
    3. Leah and the Bounty Hunter
    4. Logan's Outlaw
    5. Anges and the Renegade
    Katie Reus    Romance Suspense
    Red Stone Security Series- Three brothers continue a family run security firm.  As the family of former CIA and military men grows bigger each threat has a member falling in love to save the dame in distress.  Through the danger that surrounds them passion devours them.  (Comes in Box Sets)
    1. No One to Trust  (Porter Caldwell and Lizzy-Computer Expert)
    2. Danger Next Door   (Harrison Caldwell and 
    3. Fatal Deception   (Grant Caldwell and
    4. Miami, Mistletoe, and Murder  (Travis and Noel- Coffee Shop)
    5. His to Protect  (Kell and Charlotte) 
    6. Breaking Her Rules   (Wyatt and Iris) 
    7. Protecting His Witness  (Vincent Hansen and Jordan-H.S. Teacher) 
    8. Sinful Seduction  (Alex Blue and Mina- Art Billionaire) 
    9. Under His Protection  (Ivan and Julieta-Lingerie Store Owner) 
    10. Deadly Fallout  (Sawyer and Zoe Hansen-Surgeon)
    11. Sworn to Protect
    12. Secret Obsession   
    Deadly Op Series-
    1. Target  (NSA Agent Stone and H.S. Sweetheart Sophie)
    2. Bound to Danger
    3. Chasing Danger
    4. Shattered Duty
    5. Edge of Danger
    6. A Cover Affair

    Cora Seton  http://www.coraseton.com  Romance
    Chance Creek, Montana is a small community of ranchers.  Best friends Cab, Rob, Ethan, and Jamie grew up together and now they must figure out what the future holds for them.  As life unfolds dreams are built and passion finds them in a unique way.
    1. The Cowboy E-mail Order Bride (Ethan Cruz and Autumn)
    2. The Cowboy wins a Bride  (Jamie Lassiter and Claire Cruz)
    3. The Cowboy Imports a Bride  (Rob Matheson and Morgan Tate)
    4. The Cowgirl ropes a Billionaire  (Bella Chatham and Evan Mortimer)
    5. The Sheriff Catches a Bride  (Cab and Hannah Ashton)
    6. The Cowboy Lassos a Bride  (Jake Matheson and 
    7.  The Cowboy Rescues a Bride  (Ned Matheson and 
    8. The Cowboy Earns a Bride  (Luke Matheson and 
    9. The Cowboy Inherits a Bride  
    Misha Tales (Paranormal Shifters\Romance)
    Bear Creek, Alaska is home to many Polar Bear Shifters.  Shelby Parker is one of the last female Polar Bears and the towns tour guide.  Questions are raised when Biologist Travis Stephenson flies into town doing a study on Polar Bears.  Is that really why he came to town?  An evil shifter also makes an appearance and desperately needs Shelby's blood in order to finish his black magic quest of destruction.  Will Travis be able to save her?     (complete series)

    Bear Creek Heat Series:
    1.  Bearly Saved
    2.  Bearly Tamed
    3.  Bearly in Mind

    J.D. Tyler    http://www.jdtyler.com/     (Paranormal Romance)
    >The Alpha Pack Novels- a group of former Navy Seals with psychic powers were set up and turned in to powerful wolf shape-shifters.  They will battle demons of an unknown world, fall in love,  and fight to save the world.
    1. Primal Law   1.5 Black Magic
    2. Savage Awakening
    3. Black Moon
    4. Hunter's Heart
    5. Cole's Redemption
    6. Wolf's Fall 
    7. Chase the Darkness        7.5  Phoenix Reborn
    8. TBA
    9. TBA
    Laura Taylor   (Military Romance)
    Warrior Series- four books of military hero's that find true love through tragedy.  
    1. Desert Rose- (Middle East torture: Aviator/Marine Officer David and Emma)
    2. Midnight Storm   (Tornado destruction: Marine Corp Pilot Delvin and Jessica)
    3. Heartbreaker   (Recovery: Artist Bliss and Navel Intelligence Officer Micah)
    4. More Than Friends  (Failed Kidnapping Tragedy: Leah and Naval Intelligence Officer Brett)
    Stephanie Tyler  www.stephanietyler.com
    Immortal Wolf Clan Series-  They have lived for centuries and served their country as solider.  Now they found a home together and are fighting a war against evil.  Finding romance hard but some obsessions are fate bringing to hearts together.  Together they must keep the evil spirits and demons from taking over the world.       Paranormal Romance           (All come in Box Sets)
    1. Dire Needs  (Rifter-Leader/Dream catcher and Gwen-Doctor)
    2. Dire Wants   (Stray and Kate-Witch)
    3. Dire Desires  (Jinx-Ghost Whisper and Gillian)
    4. Especial Dire Warnings  
    The Hold Trilogy-  This Navy Seal team is unique because not only are they Seal teammates but brothers.  Brothers with deep dark secrets and danger seem to follow them.  In the face of danger, they find love despite all the obstacles.             Romance Suspense

    1. Hard To Hold (Lt. Nave y Seal Jake and Dr. Isabelle)
    2. Too Hot to Hold  (Navy Seal Nick and Journalist Kaylee)
    3. Hold to Tight  (Navy Seal Chris and FBI Agent Jamie)
    4. Holding On  (Navy Seal Chris and FBI Agent Jamie)
    Shadow Force Series-  (A spin off of the Hold Trilogy) An elite group of special operatives who find love through tragedy.)               Romance Suspense          
    1. Lie with Me  (Delta Force Operative Cameron and Skylar)
    2. Promise in the Dark  (U.S. Navy Seal Zane Scott and Dr. Olivia Strohm)
    3. In the Air Tonight  (Delta Force Operative Mace and Paige)
    4. Night Moves  (Delta Force Operative Kell and Teddy)
    5. Lonely is the Night  (Delta Force Operative Reid and U.S. Marshell Grier)
    Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione  Alter- Ego  Sydney Croft  (RRR and Paranormal Romance)
    ACRO (Agency for Covert Rare Operatives) is an organization lead by Devlin O'Mallary.  They train individuals with unique and special skills on how to use and control their power and help make the world a safer place to live.  As ACRO brings people into their family, you learn secrets that could crush hearts and how passion can tame out of control powers.    
    1. Riding the Storm  (Remy-storms and Haley-Parameterologist)
    2. Unleashing the Storm (Ender-Excedosapian and Kira-animal psychic/                                               Creed-Ghost whisper and Annika-Electrokinetic)
    3. Seduced by the Storm (Wyatt-Biokentic/Excedo and Faith-Biokentic/CEO of TAG)
    4. Taming the Fire (Trance-Excedo Predilections/Dom and Rik-shape-shifters)
    5. Tempting the Fire  (Sela-Cryptozoologist and Logan-Bioware/                                              Marlena-seducer and Chance-Excedosapien/ Delvin-PreCog and Gabe-Invisibility)
    6. Taken by Fire  (Melanie-icekinetic and Stryker-earth elementalist)
    7. Into the Storm  (coming soon)
    These Novella can be read after Book 6: 
    *Three the Hard Way  (Justice & Taggart -Magnetic Abilities & Ian-Excedo/seducer)  
    *Novella: Deadly Desires  (Creed and Annika's Story)

    Defiance Series- On my list to read!
    1. Defiance
    2. Redemption
    3. Salvation
    4. Temperance
    Section 8 Series- On my list to read!
    1. Surrender
    2. Unbreakable
    3. Fragmented  1/6/2015
    Skull Creek Series- On my list to read!
    1. Viper Run
    2. Vipers Rules  ----coming summer 2015